A letter…

This is an open letter to any guy I date in the future.


Thanks to my past failures in the love department, I have huge trust issues. Not only have I been cheated on my the two guys I dated longest and the only two I said I loved, but they made me feel crazy to even consider they might be unfaithful.
It takes a lot for me to open up to someone and let them in.
It takes me a long time to really feel comfortable with someone.
It takes time and consideration from you to help me think of you as different.


So, when I do finally open up and let you in my heart…I don’t want to regret it. I’ve been burned too much to just blindly trust again.

Please be patient with me.
Please don’t assume that I feel any certain way.
Please let me learn to trust you.
Please don’t lead me on if you don’t want the same thing out of this.
Please be honest with me.
Please don’t use me.



Stop reading this. No one is making you come to this site. It’s just sad you still stalk me a year later.

Feeling like a good day…

Even though it’s a Monday and I’ve been binge watching Chopped (thank you Netflix), I’ve had a fantastic day.

I hit the gym before lunch.
I got my puppy some meds and scheduled for vaccine boosters.
I did my make up and felt like a pretty girl for the first time in a while.
Plans to hit Pinnacle Mountain are in the works.
I get to see some awesome girls later this week.
I only work 2 days this week, so I’m just super happy right now.



And again…

Friggin’ love Here Come the Mummies. And these are my two favourites. Mummy Cass(anova) and Midnight Mummy. tWinning with Midnight too!


Be jealous. Be very jealous.
My Saturday > Your Saturday


Here Come the Mummies

Twas an awesome night. Totally worth the 24 hours I couldn’t hear out of my left ear.

I have a video up on Instagram too. HERE