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It’s been an interesting day and it’s just the start of the new year.


2016 was filled with work and school and feeling resentful that I didn’t get to travel more. Or do more races. Or really relax with friends.


So I’m hoping to fix that this year. Today started it.
I w0ke up early without an alarm and I layed in bed thinking about everything. One semester to go in graduate school, and possibly expand my career. My lease is up in May as well. I looked on the internet for new, larger apartments and ended up visiting one. It’s nice, but not quite what I want for the price. So I’ll keep looking. I have the time. My brain is so focused on what to do in 5 months, I’m almost afraid the semester will suffer more than it needs to. We are short staffed again and are lacking a lab manager. Feeling unappreciated and unnoticed most days does not make me want to work harder. Its always been a possibility of my leaving the company once my Master’s is completed, but I didn’t think it would end like this. (I’m not even sure its ended, but it feels like it might.)


Until that day, I will work as I’m able and save up money. I have enough to pay back the school loans in full, but I want to travel abroad this summer so I need to save up more. I will keep working hard, because I am wired that way. It’s not in me to leave something unfinished.


I’m ready for a good year. God knows I could use one with more smiles and less stress.